The One: Stop Sabotaging and Attract Your Perfect Match

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I know It’s been a looong time since I’ve been here. Blogging hasn’t been my thing and I know I should give it more umph. I will try to remember to do so.


Anywho! News! The cover art of the book anthology my marriage story will be in has been revealed! I’m so excited!


Also I have been working hard on the first book in my own book series. I completed the first draft during last November’s NaNoWriMo month and became a first time user/winner. I am editing and editing and crying and editing.

I’ve been so neglectful. I apologize. But life happens, right? Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Joined NaNoWriMo and am currently 29,667/50,000 words so I’m feeling accomplished. Find me here.

Joined Tumblr, which I’ve also regularly neglected.

I am mostly active on Facebook and Twitter, the handles you can already find on the side if you haven’t followed me yet. It’s where I’ve shared the most info, teases and quotes regarding my book in progress.

Discovered and awesome website that gets me past my writer’s road blocks called Try it, you won’t regret it.

Being a wife and mother. Need I say more?



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Commitment Rocks!

“The One” Literary Initiative April Spotlight Author Kellie Hill….

“Kellie N. Hill was raised and currently resides in Toledo, Ohio. She encountered “The One” in 2002 while in high school, whom she later married in 2009. Kellie’s heart filled story proves that young love can thrive with God in the midst. Kellie is a writer at Top of the Hill Studios where she works alongside her husband Gerald and is currently writing her first book in a Medical Fantasy Drama Series. While Kellie remains busy honing her craft, she finds nothing more fulfilling than her role as wife and mother.”

Great news hit my Facebook page in April. I was that month’s Author Spotlight for a book project I was asked to write for currently named “The One initiative”.

I am very excited to see this book published later this year, seeing as it will be my first publishing! Well besides those poems they get you to send in as a depressed teenager then ask you to buy a $60 book with hundreds of depressed teenager poems inside.

It is outside of my normal writing of Fantasy/Supernatural/Science Fiction, and outside of my current series which scared me a little. This meant I had to write about my life as it is; non-fiction. The book is written by a compilation of authors; some professional counselors on marriage and others like myself who have a story to share on how to have a great marriage despite what statistics say about its downfall.

Whether you and your spouse need a little boost, you know someone who does or are looking for proof that marriage is awesome this will be a great book to have on your shelf. Especially if you know me personally! There are aspects of my marriage even my closest family didn’t know we struggled with but I open up in this book to help those who think they are the only ones with problems.

That’s all I have for now so stay tuned and get ready for a story! #CommitmentRocks!

Kellie N. Hill

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You found me! (yay!)

This blog is currently under construction while I customize to bring you the best way to navigate my site and find great stuff! So please bear with me and I’ll see you soon.

Kellie N. Hill

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